9-10 June 2018 // Saturday & Sunday
Celebrating creativity in Kentish Town
ABOUT ABOUT // What is Fleet Festival? The Fleet Festival is a weekend for celebrating the creative undercurrent in Kentish Town. All festival events are free, open to everyone, and run by volunteers who love Kentish Town.
PEACE LIKE A RIVER // Why do we have Fleet Festival? Our theme for this year's Fleet Festival is "peace." We were drawn to ancient writings that say, "I will extend to you peace like a river" -- a peace, comfort, and well-being that extends to all people. We want to see this kind of peace bubble up across Kentish Town.

Kentish Town was originally a settlement along the River Fleet, which flowed through the area, and today runs underground. The Fleet Festival celebrates the peace that gives us the capacity for creativity, just like the River Fleet flows unseen yet nourishes Kentish Town and London.
EVENTS Saturday // 9 June 2018
EVENTS Sunday // 10 June 2018
PARTNERS And, of course, a huge thank you to our local Kentish Town partners!

FYI British Sign Language BSL interpreters available. EmailFLEETFESTIVAL@SLKT.ORG.UK for more info. Child Safety Children 0-15 must be supervised by a parent/carer. People aged 16-18 may attend without a parent/carer, but consent and contact details must be given by the parent/carer. We reserve the right to refuse entry to/send home any unaccompanied children who do not remain within reasonable parameters of behaviour. Childcare facilities will not be provided.